Côté Valais: Holidays in the Swiss mountains.

Holidays in the Swiss mountains

Côté Valais, organized holidays in the heart of Swiss Alps.

Côté Valais
rue du Rhône 3
CH - 1920 Martigny
Tel +41 (0)27 722 30 88
Fax +41 (0)27 722 40 88

Have you ever been in the Swiss Alps ?

If you are eager to spend quiet or sportive holidays in beautiful alpine landscapes, the Swiss canton of Valais will delight you.

Côté Valais invites you to discover the heart of Swiss Alps through its organized stays in Valais with season-tailored programs.

The Matterhorn: the most famous Swiss mountain snow on a roof Emosson's dam alpine farms

Beautiful landscapes, dark blue sky, hospitality and a cuture rich in traditions characterizes the Valais.

alpine pasture alpine cheese dairy typical meal from Valais wine bottles (copyright: Giroud wines)

Find out our winter holidays offer. Tailor-made programs are also possible. Just contact us !.

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